Author, Inspiring Business Coach, Entrepreneur, and Dynamic Motivational Speaker, Dr. Sharita Speed-Crittle, is dedicated to assisting people with life-changing resources, methods, and practical techniques that can lead them to their authentic purpose. While being a Mother, with a wealth of knowledge in business and Finance, she is the Author of, Introducing, “JoJo The CEO” and founder/CEO of DrS Consulting Group LLC.

A native of Helena-West Helena, AR, she grew up in a world where hardly anyone believed in her even in her family. Sharita spent most of her childhood in these pains of caring for herself but used them as a stepping stone to overcome these odds. With these practical life experiences, she is challenged to help people boost their self-confidence and be willing to embrace success. Sharita has made it her ultimate life’s mission to help individuals understand the importance of Entrepreneurship, Financial Planning, and Financial Responsibility. With her vast knowledge in the finance industry, she is dedicated to assisting people to become more informed and take charge of their financial lives.

An astute Businesswoman & Author, she owns three businesses and brings over decades of experience working with High Impact Business-driven environments. Dr. Sharita is a result-driven, community leader who holds a Doctorate in Accounting, Masters of Business Administration, and Bachelors in Business Administration with a minor in Finance from various elite universities.
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